Thursday, April 15, 2010


So I haven't posted in a while, but a lot has been happening.  Not a lot of pictures though.  So we shot a ton of pictures in San Diego (nearly 3300 homes), and we also got some noise complaints.  Had to talk to an airport manager who said he talked to the FAA, but it turns out, he was just making sure we weren't doing anything illegal, and he was actually on our side.  By the time we were done talking to him, he asked us to take a picture of the airport for him.  Flew through wire country today.  We were south of Carlsbad, and a little north of San Diego, where there are tons of mountains and even more power lines.  I had to really watch out for wires crossing over valleys today, and even had to fly along next to some.  Some of you already know, but I am flying so much that I ended up developing a bruise on my backside.  I had to go to target and get my self an a** pillow. 

It has really helped a lot.

The other day we went way up into the mountains, up around 5500 feet (it was 20 C up there too, only lost RPM once).  It was extremely beautiful, we were flying down a canyon, looking for houses to shoot, then all of a sudden we came around a corner and it was a huge desert valley floor.  It was like looking into another country.  I wish I had my camera, but for now you are just going to have to use your imagination, but here is a google earth image of the area if you want to check it out for yourself.

Tmariani aka Tone Lowk aka Tbone aka T-rex came down to visit.  We had a blast.  I am not at liberty to divulge any more information, all I can say is that we had a good time in Carlsbad.

So here is an overview of some of the area we covered in Carlsbad. Keep in mind I had my GPS off for most of the time, so this is only a small portion of the ground that we covered in 9 days.

At the request of Kristina, here is a picture of my hotel room in Riverside.  It is a sweet jacuzzi suite.  Believe it.

So now I am in Riverside.  As far as I know, according to the locals, this is the world capital of nothing to do.   So....  We'll see if anything interesting happens in the next couple of days.


  1. Love the pillow must be thrilled about the jacuzzi tub!! Miss you!

  2. Your ass has a bruise? Have you been mating with the helicopter? jwm

  3. thank u Kristina, I also enjoy seeing the hotel rooms