Friday, April 2, 2010

Lots of ground to cover

Day 2.  April 1st, 2010.

So today I had to cover over 600 nautical miles to get to my final destination, Victorville, CA.  The clouds were cooperating for the most part, but the wind was kicking.  I was bouncing around all day, and some of the mountain passes got a bit interesting.  I am really glad I have experience in the mountains, otherwise, today could have been pretty terrifying.  Rule of thumb: just let the heli bounce, and hold on for a great ride.  At least I got some good pics:

Some hills in California, probably where the happy cows come from.

Pretty mountains. Check out the rotor blade.

The Golden Gate Bridge.  San Francisco decided not to cooperate with my intended flight plan and I had to go all the way around their airspace instead of going through it.  Oh well, at least I got to see the Bridge.

San Jose, CA.  Their controller was very nice, other than that, not much to say.

Hey, it gets a bit tedious after awhile, so I took another me shot.

Flying over a huge reservoir.  I didn't want to go around it, so I just got really high and flew over it. Within glide distance the whole time.

 5,500 feet and climbing, eventually to 7,000 to clear these mountains.

Can you see the little gap I shot through?

it was beautiful on top of the mountain.  There was this little community in the clouds.  Where do all these people work?

The windmills.

Another 7+ hours of flight today.  There was a huge 2-3 hour patch in the middle that I didn't take any pictures of because it was just farmland as flat and far as the eye could see.  Reminded me a lot of Illinois, in other words, boring.  That felt like the longest part of the trip because I had already been flying for 3 or 4 hours and there was absolutely nothing to look at.  Even though I was flying, it was still kind of boring.  So now I am in Victorville, going to wait for the photographer to catch up and Saturday I will be going out to shoot the first of a million photo flights we will be doing this season. Low and slow, here I come.

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